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“You have been designed to experience freedom in your thoughts, heart, relationships, and life.”

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Designed for freedom


Our mission is to facilitate a process where hope, healing, and strength can be reclaimed within a safe space of non-judgmental and unconditional support.

Calin Onitiu
“Designed for Freedom” Founder

From Our Clients

Going to counselling was the best decision I made for myself and my family.

Learning from my past experiences and listening to my anxieties and needs has given me control over my reactions, increased my self-esteem and improved my relationship with my spouse.

It was an experience that I would definitely recommend for everyone!
D., Wife and Mother,  27 years old
It was a wonderful experince as I had only one session. Calin helped us to get the knowledge to deal with my daughter behavioural problem.

Education can not be effective unless it helps a child to open up himself to life
D., Nurse, 38 years old
Calin is very friendly, helpful and an excellent listener.
In just a few sessions, he helped me be more aware of the stress in my life caused by a difficult situation I was in.

His counsel and approach helped me overcome the stress and see things in a different light.

He taught me strategies for managing my anxiety and ways to really practice better self-care and also guided me to find methods that can help me better connect with my mother!
G., Mother, 32 years old

You Were Created to be Free

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